Treatment for Lyme co-infections and success with LDN

It has been a few months since my last post and things have really changed – and for the better.

My trial of the AIP Paleo diet was a great success. My psoriasis is all but gone and my skin is clear. I was able to add back most foods, including the most important, chocolate. I need to limit my intake of tomato, bell peppers, eggplant, egg whites and corn. Legumes of any kind are a no-go. Continue reading


The Paleo Approach Day 14 – A spark of energy!

I am really excited to say that I think The Paleo Approach (aka AIP Paleo) is starting to work for me. I have had more energy today than I have had in ages. I was able to fold some laundry, cook, take my older son to a meeting, go grocery shopping and now write a blog post. I know that for some that sounds like a couple hours of work. But for me? It is a miracle.

I also have had some improvements of my psoriasis. Not my memory though. I just realized I forgot to get psoriasis shampoo when I went shopping. My weight is slowly starting to decrease, along with my appetite. So yeah, I am sticking to this for a while.

Progress & Paleo

My little man has made some really great progress since I last posted. I added lithium to his routine and it made a huge difference. Don’t worry, it isn’t that lithium! It is trace mineral levels of lithium orotate. It helps with methylation and also can decrease brain inflammation.

After one month on it he started to use some 2-word phrases such as “hiya mama” and “bye-bye dada.” He also has been able to follow more directions like, “Give mama the remote” and “The milk is in daddy’s office, can you go get it?” He also is doing a great job with imitating many words, although his ABA therapy may have more to do with that one.

In other news, I decided to go Paleo. Not just any Paleo, but the Autoimmune Protocol as described by in her new book The Paleo Approach. It is a pretty restrictive diet that is meant to heal the gut and discover if you have any food intolerances. It certainly isn’t for everyone, but if you have medical issues stemming from mthfr you should look into it. The science is solid  – that is very important to me. I’ll do a full review when I have finished reading it.

Happy Hour

I had a really great hour today.

Overall, my day was pretty good. I didn’t have much pain and my energy level was better than usual.

But there was this one hour…I wish I could wax quixotic about it, but I am not a good enough writer. I’ll just do my best to explain.

For this hour, I was clearer than I can ever remember being. There was NO brain fog. I felt like I could exercise, think, write, live. I don’t ever remember an hour like that. In my entire life I don’t think I have ever felt so alive.

What did I do? I cleaned the windows in the dining room. Is that a little anti-climactic? Sorry. But I hadn’t cleaned the windows in two years. I kept the curtains mostly drawn so I could ignore the cobwebs and dust. But today, I opened the curtains wide and cleared the cobwebs. Light poured into the dining room and the whole place looked so much more cheerful.

Starting Now

I can’t start at the very beginning. Even if that is a very good place to start.

I have to start from now, because that is where I am.

Right now I am in an interesting place to take control of my health and possibly give you some ideas on how you take control of yours.  I hope you will join me.