Treatment for Lyme co-infections and success with LDN

It has been a few months since my last post and things have really changed – and for the better.

My trial of the AIP Paleo diet was a great success. My psoriasis is all but gone and my skin is clear. I was able to add back most foods, including the most important, chocolate. I need to limit my intake of tomato, bell peppers, eggplant, egg whites and corn. Legumes of any kind are a no-go. I tested some baked beans recently…lets just say I won’t do that again for a very long time.

I was also diagnosed with chronic mycoplasma pneumonia. It is a pretty common walking pneumonia, but can also be a co-infection of Lyme. I haven’t had the good Lyme test, but my Integrative Health NP said I have enough of the symptoms to assume Lyme as well. I have been on an aggressive protocol for the infection for about 3 months now.

One thing I have always struggled with is a horrific sweet tooth. I never understood when people would say something is too sweet. I add sugar to everything – I even put honey on my pizza!  Not anymore. About two weeks into the treatment I stopped craving sweets. For almost a month I didn’t even have a single bite of chocolate. 

Despite a very clean diet and Lyme treatment, my chronic pain and fatigue didn’t get better.  Joints all over my body hurt so much I sometimes couldn’t sleep, walk, live.  I was doing more in the house, but still only had enough energy to leave the house once a week or less.  My NP suggested a trial of Low Dose Naltrexone (LDN.) After quite a bit of research, I agreed to it.

 LDN has changed my life. The first thing that improved was the fatigue. It didn’t disappear, I am still lower energy than most people I know. But I can go on errands every day now – sometimes twice a day! I can play more with my kids. I was even able to do some gardening this summer.

Lately I have seen a big decrease in pain. That is pretty exciting. I still have the strange, transient pains that are apparently common in Lyme. Yesterday my knee was killing me, today it is my wrist. But that is so much better than constant pain everywhere. 

Next time I will post some really great updates about my son.


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