My Toddler, Autism & MTHFR, part 2

I’m not the only one noticing that something has changed with my little guy. Today was his third EI session and the counselor commented about how different he was.
She arrived while he was having  a snack. He said “Hi!” right away. He sat with his Nana while he ate and laughed and babbled away with her. He fed her and made plenty of eye contact. His counselor sat across the room watching the interaction and when she spoke he would look at her and babble back.
She seemed surprised at how many words he used. Last week, she wrote in her notes that he babbled and tried to say “quack.” This week,  she noted that he said “up”, “again” and “more.”
The biggest difference was when they played with bubbles. Last week – and every other time we did bubbles – he just stood and watched them, maybe sometimes sticking his hand out. This time, as soon as she blew the first one he was all smiles and laughter. He ran right over to her and he chased the bubbles and popped them!
I really believe the difference is the supplementation. I know that it could be that he was about to come out of his little world on his own or with the one-on-one help from Early Intervention. But, I don’t think so. I started coming out of my years of brain fog after starting the basic MTHFR protocol and he seems to be following in my footsteps.
Here is a great article about methyl b-12 and autism!
Methyl-B12: A Treatment for ASD with Methylation Issues

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