My Toddler, Autism and MTHFR

My 20 month old son shows signs of autism. He has very few words. He loves to line up his trains and then lay on his side and move them by his eyes. He just started Early Intervention for social and language skills. He also has a posterior tongue tie and an upper lip tie.

In short, he has some conditions that could point to an MTHFR defect.

After some research, I decided not to wait on the result of a test and to see if he would respond to a small amount of supplementation with methylfolate and methylcobalamin. B vitamins are water-soluble, so what isn’t used is, well, peed out. (I consider it safe for my son, but I am not a medical professional, so please check with your doctor if you want to supplement your child.)

We are only on day 4 of supplementation and I am noticing some changes. He is babbling more and more – not just to himself, but initiating “conversations.” His tongue tie prevents him from making certain sounds, so I don’t expect his language to improve until he has that lasered.  That is a post for another day!

He has been giving kisses on request – and not just for me! He kissed his father and his big brother. And instead of just emptying and refilling his container of blocks, he is building with them. He is also bringing blocks to people for help.

I am curious to see how he interacts with his cousins on the 4th of July. I’ll keep my fingers crossed!

Part 2, Part 3


5 thoughts on “My Toddler, Autism and MTHFR

    • It could be wishful thinking or lucky timing. But, he has never kissed anyone except me before and I usually have to put his mouth to my cheek. His brother and father were very, very happy! He refused to kiss his Nana, though.

      I have been giving him 1,000mcg methycobalamin (B12) and 200mcg L-methylfolate as Metafolin dissolved in almond milk for only 4 days now.

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