My Toddler, Autism & MTHFR, part 3

Part 1, Part 2

I am almost in tears here.  A few minutes ago, I was playing with my little guy.  He was playing with his legos. Building with them, not throwing them. At one point, he did throw a couple of pieces. I said, “No throwing.” He looked at me, then at the pieces and placed them back down. If you don’t have a child with autism, this may be hard to understand.  This is such a major breakthrough. Continue reading


My Toddler, Autism & MTHFR, part 2

I’m not the only one noticing that something has changed with my little guy. Today was his third EI session and the counselor commented about how different he was.
She arrived while he was having  a snack. He said “Hi!” right away. He sat with his Nana while he ate and laughed and babbled away with her. He fed her and made plenty of eye contact. Continue reading

My Toddler, Autism and MTHFR

My 20 month old son shows signs of autism. He has very few words. He loves to line up his trains and then lay on his side and move them by his eyes. He just started Early Intervention for social and language skills. He also has a posterior tongue tie and an upper lip tie.

In short, he has some conditions that could point to an MTHFR defect.

After some research, I decided not to wait on the result of a test and to see if he would respond to a small amount of supplementation Continue reading

Conditions possibly related to MTHFR

This list has been compiled from many websites and medical papers. It looks like everything under the sun, doesn’t it? That is what my husband said. Then I asked him how many he had. He had none. I have 11.

If you see yourself in this list, maybe you should consider getting tested for the MTHFR mutation.

Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia
Adrenal Fatigue/Insufficiency
Bipolar disorder
Blood clots
Cervical dysplasia
Chemical Sensitivity
Chronic Fatigue Syndrome
Circadian Rhythm Disorders
Cleft Palate
Colorectal Adenoma
Congenital Heart Defects
Decreased telomere length
Deficits in childhood cognitive development
Depression Continue reading