Happy Hour

I had a really great hour today.

Overall, my day was pretty good. I didn’t have much pain and my energy level was better than usual.

But there was this one hour…I wish I could wax quixotic about it, but I am not a good enough writer. I’ll just do my best to explain.

For this hour, I was clearer than I can ever remember being. There was NO brain fog. I felt like I could exercise, think, write, live. I don’t ever remember an hour like that. In my entire life I don’t think I have ever felt so alive.

What did I do? I cleaned the windows in the dining room. Is that a little anti-climactic? Sorry. But I hadn’t cleaned the windows in two years. I kept the curtains mostly drawn so I could ignore the cobwebs and dust. But today, I opened the curtains wide and cleared the cobwebs. Light poured into the dining room and the whole place looked so much more cheerful.


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