Going Gluten-Free

I have been gluten-free for a full 6 months now. I tested positive for gluten anti-bodies but negative for celiac disease by blood test. My integrative health doctor suggested I try a gluten-free diet and see if any of my symptoms improved.

This was in November. At first, I thought I would wait and make that my New Year’s resolution. It is just another diet, right? You don’t start a diet in the middle of the holiday season.

Back in October I had finally decided the excruciating pain in my lower back was worthy of a trip to my regular doctor. She gave me some Motrin and sent me on my way. It gave me horrible stomach pain and I stopped it the same day. I didn’t bother going back to the doctor. I always felt like she thought I was just looking for pain meds. I had my first appointment scheduled with the integrative health doctor, I would just wait it out. In the mean time, I would just grit my teeth and slowly work my way out of bed, barely able to lift my one year old. It is all in my head, right?

Fast forward to the end of November. I had just hosted Thanksgiving. I think it went well, but to be honest I don’t remember. Between the pain and brain fog it is just a blur. I had to do something. So, I decided to go gluten-free right away.

Within two days, the acute pain in my lower back was gone. I had some relief from other chronic pain as well, but it didn’t disappear. My nightly heartburn was gone, too!  I didn’t realize how bad that was until it was gone. Without the heartburn I slept better. I had (slightly) less brain fog.

I haven’t looked back since. I was accidentally “glutened” a few times.  When you are stuck in the bathroom for 24 hours because you tested your kid’s mac & cheese for temperature, it is easy to believe that gluten is poison for you.


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